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In the fall of 2006 our parish determined that the best way to respond to our God's call to discipleship and service was through the stewardship way of life. A Christian steward is defined as a caretaker of God's gifts. This is a person who serves God out of love and graditude for all the gifts that God has given us. In short, a Christian steward recognizes that all we have and all that we are, are gifts from God and expresses gratitude for those gifts by using them not only for themselves but also to serve others. Each year all parishioners are invited to make a one year commitment to the stewardship way of life, to commit their time and talent to some form of parish and/or community service, and to work toward tithing 5% of their income to our parish and 5% to other charities. As a stewarship parish we at St. Ignatius are encouraged to work together to serve each other with the gifts God has given us. This website and our guidebook has the primary purpose to inform our members as to the ministries that our parish provides, our participates in, so that as we discern our God-given gifts we can involve ourselves in some parish ministry.

To make a one year commitment to the stewardship way of life pleae see our Time, Talent, Treasure Commitment Form.

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